kelsey (kelseybutterfly) wrote in 0range_cat_l0ve,

Info (New)

1.Name- Kelsey

2.Sex- Female

3.Age- 15

4.Location- Illinois

5.Favorite Anime's/Manga's- Fruits Basket (but that's sort of a given), FullMetal Alchemist, case Closed, .Hack// Legend of Twiglight, and Death Note

6.Kyo...tell us what you know and why you like him- I <3 Kyo, he has such a fun personality. Yes, he can be a little moody at times but you can't blame him, the poor guy has been through a lot! I think he's funny, cute and he's made it clear he can be caring and sweet.
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hi and welcome to the year of the cat fan club!!!! ^^